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The team not only met the estimated deadlines but also showcased the essential flexibility in adapting to the ever-evolving needs of our project. Their commitment to delivering technological excellence has solidified them as a trusted partner, instilling unwavering confidence in their capabilities.

Rodrigo Tumaian




Uruguay, 2017



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January 2023



Prometeo is the leading OpenBanking platform in the LATAM region, providing access to banking information and payment setups in over 10 countries. They collaborate with renowned banks such as Citibank, Santander, Banbif, Bancolombia, among others.



Our objective was to develop a centralized platform for treasury departments of corporations, providing them with real-time access to their account movements and balances across multiple banks. This project aimed to eliminate the hassle of logging in and out of various homebanking systems. Additionally, an admin interface was included for easy management of corporations and users with different roles.



  1. Time Constraints: One of the primary challenges we faced was the tight timeline of just a few weeks to deliver the entire project successfully. This condensed timeframe required exceptional efficiency and coordination between our team and Prometeo to meet the project’s ambitious goals.
  2. Security Compliance: Given the sensitive nature of financial data and the involvement of multiple banks, ensuring robust security measures was paramount. Integrating and maintaining high-level security protocols to protect user information and prevent any data breaches demanded meticulous attention and rigorous testing.
  3. Multi-Banking Complexity: Handling data from multiple banks with distinct interfaces and data structures posed a significant challenge. We had to develop a flexible system that could adapt to various banking platforms while providing a consistent and user-friendly experience.
  4. Real-Time Data Fetching: Fetching real-time data from banks and displaying it in a timely manner without compromising performance was a technical hurdle. Our team had to optimize data retrieval processes to ensure smooth and responsive user interactions.



Using the Prometeo API, the platform seamlessly connected to different banks, retrieving and displaying the necessary data securely. The app was developed in Flutter Web, offering a user-friendly experience for all stakeholders. All data was fetched in real-time, ensuring that no sensitive information was stored, thereby enhancing security.


To address these challenges, our team focused on designing and developing user-friendly platforms that met the specific requirements of Prometeo.

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